How to Style Faith Based Apparel

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

I know, you love Jesus but don't how to incorporate your faith in a fashionable way. Don't worry, I've got you covered. Whether it's from my collection SNTFD by AJ or some of our other fellow faith based apparel friends, you can get some great ideas on how to "style your faith" below.

1. Dress it up!

Faith based apparel doesn't always have to be laid back & chill. You can dress it up how you want while still keeping it tasteful. Ladies! There's nothing wrong with throwing on your faith based apparel, let's say a t-shirt, with a cute skirt or even some pants, and throwing some heels on. If heels aren't your style, even a nice cute flat will do. Throw on some bomb accessories and you're styling honey!

2. Dress it down!

This one the ladies & fellas can get in on. Who doesn't love a good faith based t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie with some dope sneakers? Whether it's with your favorite pair of blue or black denim jeans, camouflage pants, or joggers...once you add a dope sneaker it's destined to be a vibe! Check out some dope style ideas below for more inspiration.

3. Faith it & Chill

Let's be honest, most things we buy to wear we want more use of it right? Well at least I do. So if I'm buying t-shirts, sweats, jogging sets, etc...not only do I want to wear it out, but also at home to chill in. There's nothing like chilling at home (especially in cooler weather) in a butter-soft, cozy & warm sweatshirt or jogging set. Whether you're living it up on your own, or enjoying your space with your significant other/family, you can throw on a faith based tee to encourage yourself &/or those around you while winding down, relaxing, enjoying your favorite movie on the couch, even working from home.

Wearing faith based clothing doesn't have to be boring and plain as some people may seem to think. Just because we are believers doesn't mean we lack fashion sense. However, even if you do...that's why I'm here to help. I've even asked one of my most stylish sisters to give us some quick tips on how to style your faith. Let's see what she had to say...

"Emeral's Excerpt"

Let’s take our Saved. Crewneck and Layer it with a simple white collared shirt underneath.

This will help dress it up.

Pair it with a nice pair of red earrings.

A fresh pair of Skinny black dress pants.

Let's switch things up and rock an oxford for a shoe.

The thing about this look is its simple but you are still making 2 statements.

1. We got the message…You’re SAVED.

2. You know how to dress a crewneck up.

Overalls have been in style for sooo long, but they are always there in the time of need.

Grab your 70 x 7 Hoodie from SNTFD and a pair of Light washed blue denim Overalls. This is a unisex hoodie so get a smaller size so that you are comfortable with your overalls on.

Grab your favorite red open toe heel.

Cuff the bottom of the overalls.

Don’t forget your red lip

And head out the door!!!

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